We have now completed the first week of our first blogging challenge. I really enjoyed searching others blogs and seeing what other peoples thoughts are about things. There are three blogs that stood out to me.

One, was Eli’s Blog. I liked his blog so much because his Hebrew song was hilarious and his I Am From post really told who he is as a person.

Second, was Charlie P. Blog. His paragraph on how to annoy your brother was very creative and funny. Lastly, his paragraph on Minecraft was a great commentary on what is good and bad about the game. I play Minecraft too!

Lastly, was Peter A. Blog. His paragraph on ten things about me was descriptive and easy to understand. I also loved his background and animations.

2 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Hi. I really like you blog. I especially like your post on recommendations. I also really like your writing. The post on courage was very inspiring and well-written. Your tagline is very funny. I also really liked your 6 word memoirs. I especially liked the one where you said “got a sting”. Great job on your blog. Please check out mine at:

    P.S. I would do exclamation points but my exclamation key is broken….

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